Sunday, December 2, 2007

"Collision between Web 2.0 and food"

Catching up on Serious Eats posts, I found this post about Jim Benson's discovery of a dish called "Stir-fried wikipedia". I think this is evidence that Wikipedia is too much relied upon for information, but it certainly is funny and amazing the extent to which people figure "just Wiki it".

Lesson learned: When all else fails, don't rely on Wikipedia.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Zon Baguettes

Devin and I rode our bicycles to Zon Baguettes last Saturday and I was able to pick up a take home menu. When I previously reviewed Zon Baguettes, I mentioned that for some reason they didn't have any take home menus where they have always had a stack before. I discovered that the reason the take home menus were missing on our last visit was because they were completely redoing the old menus that were simply typed on yellow paper. The new menu looks very professional, with its glossy paper and attractive photos of select menu items.

What's missing from the menu is their list of drinks, including Vietnamese iced coffee and their slushies with the optional addition of boba.

Thinking about this blog, I made sure to try their Honeydew slushie with boba. Boba are large black tapioca balls (compared to the small opaque balls of tapioca mostly found in puddings) that are chewy in texture. The boba balls were slightly warm and had a nice chew, but were a little on the mushy side. They eventually hardened because of the cold temperature of the slushie. The honeydew slush was refreshing on this fluke, intensely hot, autumn day.

Unfortunately, trying the Honeydew boba on this visit was the extent of my consideration for this blog because I ordered the #14 Viet Veggies again instead of ordering the other vegetarian sandwich, the Fried Tofu Vegetarian Sandwich. I will be sure to order something different the next time we visit Zon Baguettes, but at least the jalapenos in my banh mi were very spicy on this visit. You can see in the above photo that the baguette crust cracks very easily because it is thin and delicately crisp.

Here is a photo of Devin's Turkey and Swiss sandwich.

Our previous review of these same sandwiches can be found here.

Zon Baguettes
14081 Newport Ave.
Tustin, CA 92780