Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Beginning - Day 1

While in Paris, we bought a large bottle of water each day at various supermarkets to replenish us on our daily excursions. Of course, we never walked out of the supermarket without buying other goods. The Girl Who Ate Everything posted a picture of the yogurt she ate while studying abroad in Paris, so when I saw the same cute yogurt in the supermarket, I couldn't resist buying them.

The yogurt that I ate in Paris was deliciously creamy and thick, so we often walked out of the grocery store with yogurt in addition to our bottle of water. Except for the hazelnut-flavored yogurt on the bottom right, I usually bought plain yogurt.

A lot of the yogurts that I bought came in ceramic or glass jars instead of the plastic that I buy in the US. So when I had finished all my yogurts, I couldn't bear to throw out these cute little pots in which La Fermiere packages a line of their yogurts. I actually had a little run-in with the security at Charles de Gaulle airport because I was afraid of packing the fragile pots in my checked-in luggage, so I had them wrapped in newspaper in my carry-on backpack. Instead of sensing danger, I think the security detail was just curious about the four newspaper-wrapped bundles in my backpack and when I unveiled one, I'm sure he thought it was strange that I was flying halfway across the world with the little jars in which their common, everyday yaourt comes.

Herbs! That was my plan for these cute yogurt pots. For a while, I have heard about the success of the AeroGarden, touted as a "NASA-tested" kitchen appliance that allows you to grow herbs and produce year-round. Unfortunately, while it is supposed to be a space-saving alternative to having a garden, I still don't have any space for it in our tiny apartment. So I figured that the next best solution would be to grow a small amount of herbs in the little yogurt pots. Shopping at Target yesterday, I spotted these small (approximately 1.5 inches tall) ceramic pots which come with a package of seeds and a soil pellet. Since I don't need and don't have space to grow all the seeds that come in a regular-size packet of seeds, I thought these would be perfect.

Each Buzzy Seeds pot receives five seeds and when the plants grow to 3 inches tall, I need to transfer them to my ceramic yogurt pots. Clockwise from the rear left, I have started strawberries, tomatoes, chives, and basil. The Buzzy Seeds herb selection at Target was not very vast, so the tomatoes and strawberries were chosen as an after-thought. I believe the strawberries and tomatoes will have to be transferred to much larger pots than the yogurt pots can hold.

So this blog was started as a food blog and is now partially a gardening blog! I have not had much success in the past with growing plants, but these herbs will be very useful, so we'll see...


japfrg said...

Let me know how they do for you. I saw them in Target too and thought about getting them.

japfrg said...

Very interesting packaging for yogurt.

Afishionado said...

japfrg: There is some green popping up in the starter pots, so I'll have to take some pictures and post a report on their progress soon.

The French seem to take their yogurt seriously, at least by the taste. While yogurt in the US is gelatinous, the yogurt I ate while in Paris was thick and creamy; nearly the texture of cream cheese.