Saturday, March 15, 2008


Men do eat quiche! At least, I know for a fact that Devin eats quiche.

As I started to prepare this quiche, Devin informed me that he doesn't like quiche. This is because his only prior experience with quiche has been an airline meal.

Well, the quiche that I made for dinner turned out to be as much a success as the Five Layer Tortilla Pie, because I was able to reverse Devin's prior negative opinion of quiche. I used a quiche recipe which called for eggs and half and half. I used egg substitute to make the recipe heart healthy and added one cup of swiss cheese, half a red onion, sliced mushrooms, one red pepper, and two crushed cloves of garlic. To top the quiche, I used cheddar-flavored Veggie Shreds.

Devin loved the non-airline quiche so much that I decided to make another one for dinner a couple of nights later. Another reason for making a second quiche was because I used pre-made pie crust (acknowledging my failure at making dough), which came with two pre-made crusts.

I used the same basic quiche base, using egg substitute, half and half, one cup of baby swiss cheese, sliced mushrooms, one red pepper, half a red onion, two crushed cloves of garlic, and this time adding broccoli.

For both quiches, I first sauteed the vegetables in a little bit of olive oil so they wouldn't be raw in the quiches. I love making quiche because it is so easy, delicious, and you can just throw in whatever you have on hand, so give quiche a chance!

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