Saturday, May 10, 2008

La Croissanterie

After a rainy day visiting Versailles Palace, we were enchanted by the colorful array of sandwiches showcased at La Croissanterie.

La Croissanterie is a chain of cafes found primarily throughout France, with locations also in Portugal, Ireland, and Italy. They offer sandwiches, croissants, teas, coffee, pastries, and cakes, and provide a warmly-lit place to stop and rest after a busy day. There are indoor and outdoor dining areas and there is also a to-go window. Many of their menu items are made ahead of time, so service is very quick and efficient.

I had the Oceanique sandwich because I was lured by the poppy seed encrusted baguette. This marine-themed sandwich had thin slices of smoked salmon, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and dill weed. After sitting in the case, the baguette was gummy and a bit soggy, but the poppy seeds helped the sandwich maintain some crunch. The dill cut the saltiness of the salmon and the tangy mayonnaise helped blend the flavors together. The Oceanique had many flavors that complimented each other and was pretty good for a premade sandwich.

The Campagnard was made on ciabatta bread and had ham, tomatoes, eggs, lettuce, Swiss cheese, and mayonnaise. Devin really enjoyed the addition of eggs on this sandwich.

La Croissanterie
168 St. Germain
75006 Paris, France

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