Saturday, February 16, 2008

Five Layer Tortilla Pie

Devin is a selective eater, so when I make a dish, using ingredients he has previously expressed dislike for, and he ends up liking the dish, then I consider it a success. I then proceed to gloat and he consequently regrets telling me that he likes what I've cooked.

The All Recipes Seven Layer Tortilla Pie is one of my successes. I have gotten Devin to try, eat, and enjoy black beans. This recipe is quick, cheap, and if one doesn't go overboard on the cheese, it can be healthy. It is the perfect meal for college students (even though I no longer am one!) and it is delicious.

Essentially, prepare one bowl of mashed pinto beans (or refried beans to make the preparation even easier) and add salsa and crushed garlic, and then another bowl of black beans, fresh tomatoes, and salsa. Then, starting with a flour tortilla in a pie pan, layer the pinto bean mixture on top, add cheddar cheese, top with another tortilla, then substitute the pinto beans with the black bean mixture. Continue adding layers, alternating between the pinto beans and the black beans with cheddar atop each bean layer, until there are no beans left to add.

Unfortunately, I use tortillas larger than those the recipe calls for, so instead of a Seven Layer Tortilla Pie, I only have enough beans to spread over five layers.

This gets baked for 40 minutes at 400 degrees.

Although it's not called for in the recipe, I top each serving with an avocado slice and then plain, nonfat yogurt on mine and sour cream on Devin's. We've been having this recipe every week since I discovered it.

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